Pupils and study supervisors from Vaasa learn about Umeå University's programmes

[2017-11-23] 20 potential students and three study supervisors from Swedish speaking upper secondary Schools in Närpes, Vasa Gymnasium and Vasa Övningsskola are currently visiting Umeå University for two days. It is the fourth consecutive year that the study visit is organized.

The visiting group from Finland gets an introduction from the central Study Support at Umeå University. Photo: Lennart Johansson

The visitors group receives information from the central Study Support and the Student services, and they will also receive a comprehensive visit and information program with the participation of Life Science, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science.

The Faculty of Medicine is involved in information on nursing, the Medicine programme, the Dentistry programme, and related education.

The group also gets a guided tour of the indoor sports facility Iksu sport.

The visit takes place at the initiative of the Swedish-language upper secondary schools in Österbotten in Finland, and links well to the visiting tour of Swedish-language upper secondary schools in Finland, which Umeå University conducts in January each year.

Editor: Ingrid Söderbergh

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