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March 2017

29 March at 13:00–14:00

EMG seminar series - Dr. Xiaolei Su, EMG

Seminar series Contributions of adjacent colonist sources to the vegetation recolonization of restored reaches

29 March at 14:30–15:00

31 March at 15:00–15:30

April 2017

7 April at 10:00–14:00

Arcum seminarium April 2017

Seminar At this extended Arcum seminar we will have three speakers focusing on the environment and climate change in the Arctic. Welcome to Universitetsklubben on April 7, 2017 at 10.00 - 14.00.

21 April at 15:00–15:30

28 April at 13:00

Peter Mathisen - Ecology

Dissertation Environmental factors selecting for predation resistant and potentially pathogenic bacteria.

May 2017

2 May at 09:00–17:00

Workshop on Science Communication

Workshop The workshop is directed towards PhD students and post-docs. The workshop will be led by Keith Larsson, project coordinator at CIRC and Sophia Hansson, former PhD here at EMG.

5 May at 15:00–15:30

10 May at 14:30–15:00

12 May at 15:00–15:30

19 May at 15:00–15:30

June 2017

2 June at 15:00–15:30

19 June–22 June

International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM)

Conference Contested Spaces: Bridging Protection and Development in a Globalizing World

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