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June 2016

1 June at 13:00–14:00

EMG seminar series - Dr. Laura Gough, University of Texas

Seminar series Trophic Interactions in Arctic Alaska: Recent and Future Research

2 June–6 June

IceLab summer camp

Workshop Bring your own project and discuss it with other participants.

3 June at 14:00

Hélène Barthelemy - Ecology

Dissertation Herbivores influence nutrient cycling and plant nutrient uptake: Insights from tundra ecosystems.

8 June at 13:00

Jing Wang - Ecology

Dissertation The genome signatures of adaptive evolution in Populus.

16 June at 08:30–16:00

Staff day

Other We will visit Umeå Marine Sciences Center and the island Norrbyskär.

August 2016

22 August–24 August

Effects of climatic changes in the subarctic - boreal intersection

Workshop ICOS Sweden annual Workshop in Abisko

November 2016

8 November–9 November


Conference Annual meeting at KBC.

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