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January 2017

18 January at 13:00–14:00

EMG seminar series - Dr. Chengjun Sun, Kunming University of Science and Technology

Seminar series Modelling HIV Transmission Incorporating Senior Male Clients

25 January at 13:00–14:00

EMG seminar series - Dr. Clare Bradshaw, Stockholm University

Seminar series The role of ecological processes in determining effects of contaminants

26 January at 09:00–10:00

EMG seminar series - Prof. Lars Wadsö, Lund university

Seminar series Isothermal calorimetry on biological samples – the real trick is imagination

February 2017

3 February at 14:15

Before the VR-applications 2017 – ”Kick-off”

Other How should a successful VR application be structured and formulated?

10 February at 09:30

Anne Deininger - Physical Geography

Dissertation Effects of inorganic nitrogen and organic carbon on pelagic food webs in boreal lakes.

24 February at 10:00

Signe Lett - Ecology

Dissertation Mosses as mediators of climate change: Implications for tree seedling establishment in the tundra.

June 2017

19 June–22 June

International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM)

Conference Contested Spaces: Bridging Protection and Development in a Globalizing World

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