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Evenemangstyp: Seminar series

October 2018

24 October at 13:00–14:30

EMG seminar- extended version

Seminar series Small symposium to welcome our colleagues when they move from Uminova to KBC.

25 October at 10:00–11:00

EMG seminar series - Dr. Shailendra Mishra, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Seminar series “Microbial-driven solutions can reduce the peat oxidation process and enhance the sustainability of agriculture on these peatlands”

26 October at 15:00–15:30

31 October at 13:00–14:00

EMG seminar series - Jonas Wickman

Seminar series Tiltle to be announced

November 2018

16 November at 15:00–15:30

23 November at 15:00–16:00

30 November at 15:00–16:00

December 2018

7 December at 15:00–16:00

14 December at 15:00–16:00

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