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Happy salmon swim better

What makes young salmon decide to leave their rivers and head out to Sea has been a hot topic for decades now. Current research from Umeå University shows that the young salmon’s desire to migrate can partly be limited by anxiety. The complete study can be found in the journal Nature Communications.

Science and SciLifeLab Prize to environmental scientist David Seekell

One of the university's promising researchers, David Seekell, has won a prestigious award: the Science and SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists. Besides being awarded a trophy and SEK 90 000, he gets the opportunity to publish a scientific paper in Science, and also attend a discussion panel at the...

Lunch Pitch at IceLab on 29 November 12:00

To promote meetings between researchers from different places or disciplines, Icelab organises interdisciplinary research lunches with the vision to let ideas meet and mate.

New Research Council grants worth SEK 152 million

The Swedish Research Council distributes SEK 152 million to 42 research projects at Umeå University in the arts and humanities, social sciences, medicine and health, natural sciences and technology, as well as educational science.

Welcome to Lunch Pitches at IceLab

Creative research ideas are often formed during informal meetings such as lunch breaks at conferences. To promote these important meetings between researchers from different places or disciplines, Icelab launches interdisciplinary research lunches with the vision to let ideas meet and mate.

Umeå researchers call for stricter measures to reach climate targets

On Friday 4 November, the global climate deal from Paris in 2015 comes into effect. On the same day, 94 of 197 parties have ratified the legally binding Paris Agreement that obliges them to contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and to stabilise the average global temperature under 2 ...

How do climate changes affect northern lake ecosystems?

Lakes in the Arctic and the northern boreal areas are sensitive to climate change. A group led by Professor Jan Karlsson at Umeå University will investigate how global warming with increased water temperatures and inflow from land will impact fish stock and the exchange of greenhouse gases in northe...

It takes patience to restore watercourses

A common way to restore Swedish streams previously used for timber-floating has been to return rocks. A group of researchers at Umeå University has studied the effects of improved methods that also add large boulders and trees. Creating complex channels and watercourses is easy, but reintroducing pl...

Three research projects share SEK 94 million

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation has granted over SEK 94 million to three research projects in medicine and natural sciences at Umeå University. The projects are led by researchers Maria Fällman, Jan Karlsson and Markus Schmid. Also, several Umeå researchers are co-applicants to a large join...

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