Anders Jonsson, researcher

Fire Safety Representative Radiation Protection Representative

My research focuses on long-term environmental changes, varved sediments and diatoms. I am teaching within the environmental and health program.

Joanna Jonsson, administrator, personnel

Administrator Directory Co-ordinator Work Environment Representative

I am director at Umeå Marine Sciences Center and head of the unit for the Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment at Umeå University.

Kerstin Abbing, university lecturer

Assistant Head of Department Directory Co-ordinator

Head of Department Tom Korsman
Assistant Head of Department Kerstin Abbing
Deputy Head of Department Jon Moen
Director of Studies Rolf Zale
Undergraduate programmes
Ryan Sponseller
PhD studies
Student Counsellor Maria Karlsson
Study counseller
Programme Co-ordinator Bent Christensen
BSc in Biology and Earth Science
Christian Bigler
Study programmes in Environmental Health
Hans Ivarsson
University programme in Nature Guiding
Johan Olofsson
Master programme in Ecology
Administrator Joanna Jonsson
Jolina Orrell
Maria Karlsson
Study administrator
Marianne Nilsson
Marie Kårebrand
International Contact Person Mehdi Cherif
IT Co-ordinator Andreas Sjöström
Lars-Inge Karlsson
Directory Co-ordinator Cecilia Vallin
Elisabet Carlborg
Joanna Jonsson
Kerstin Abbing
Lars-Inge Karlsson
Web Master Elisabet Carlborg
Lars-Inge Karlsson
Work Environment Representative Joanna Jonsson
Fire Safety Representative Anders Jonsson
Equal Opportunities Representative Caroline Blomquist
Radiation Protection Representative Anders Jonsson

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