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Ecology and Environmental Sciences


Umeå universitet
SE-901 87 Umeå

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KBC-huset, plan 5, Linnaeus väg 6, Umeå, KB5B6


+46 90 786 97 42


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In brief, I am an environmental geoscientist with an interest in studying and teaching about environmental changes and their causes, with a focus on human impacts. In research and teaching I focus on the use of natural archives – lake sediments and peat – to study environmental changes through time and across space; such changes include lake and peatland development, biogeochemical processes related to lake-water quality and especially the fate and transport of pollutants in the environment. This research is conducted at a range of spatial (from single to multiple sites, whole-lake basin, regional, upwards to national) and temporal (from the present back through the Holocene) scales.

The main research areas at present are:
• Pre-industrial atmospheric metal pollution
• Early mining and land use impacts in the historical Bergslagen mining districts in central Sweden
• Fundamental research focused on deciphering environmental information from the geochemical record

Publications 2004-



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Bindler, Richard
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Rydberg, Johan

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