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Ecology and Environmental Sciences


Umeå universitet
SE-901 87 Umeå

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CIRC, Abisko Naturvetenskapliga Station, Vetenskapens väg 38, Abisko


+46 90 786 53 21


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I am a plant ecologist with a passion for the ecosystems of cold areas. I am fascinated by their characteristic plant communities and by the plants’ abilities to survive harsh conditions through manipulation of their neighbours and their microenvironment. My research therefore aims to answer questions such as how do plants and their interactions control ecological processes, how do different plant species or groups of plants vary in their responses to climate change or their effects on ecosystem functioning, and what does this means for the feedbacks of northern ecosystems to climate change. To address these questions, I use controlled mesocosm and pot-studies in the greenhouse and experimental garden as well as experimental manipulation of climate and vegetation at the plot scale and studies along natural climate gradients in the field. Experimental sites are located in northern Sweden, both in the subarctic tundra near Abisko (68°21'N, 18°49'E) and in the boreal forest near Arvidsjaur (65°59'N, 19°28'E).

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Publications from Umeå university



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Past publications

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