Ecology, and specifically arctic ecology has been my main interest throughout my education. During my Master in Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University, I focused my research on arctic grazing ecology on Spitsbergen and northern alpine ecology in the Yukon Territories, Canada.

My current research focusses on the long-term effects of reindeer grazing on tundra ecosystems. Reindeer grazing is a widespread phenomenon throughout the arctic, and especially its long-term effects on vegetation are poorly understood. I use sites that were insensitively used by reindeer until the 19th century, so called historical reindeer pens, to understand the mechanisms behind positive feedbacks of reindeer on the productivity of forage plants. I also use field surveys and satellite data to study the long-term effects of reindeer grazing on species composition, productivity and nutrient cycling of tundra vegetation in northern Scandinavia at different spatial scales.




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Barrio, Isabel C.
Lindén, Elin
Te Beest, Mariska; et al.

Background invertebrate herbivory on dwarf birch (Betula glandulosa-nana complex) increases with temperature and precipitation across the tundra biome
Polar Biology, 40(11): 2265-2278



Egelkraut, Dagmar D.

Long-lasting ecological legacies of reindeer on tundra vegetation



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