Through my work in subarctic Sweden I have developed interest for northern ecosystems. My particular interests within the field of terrestrial ecology are the interactions between soil, plants and climate.

My current research deals with the interactions between moss and vascular plants in the context of climate change induced tree line shifts in Northern Sweden. Much evidence shows that increasing temperatures causes forest to expand into the tundra areas but we lack understanding about the driving factors. As moss largely constitute the environment in which tree seedlings establish they become a mediator between climate and tree seedlings. Through lab and field experiments I investigate which moss traits are the most important for seedling establishment and how this interact with changing climate.

Past publications

Peer reviewed

Sorensen P L, Lett S and Michelsen A; 2012; Moss specific changes in nitrogen fixation following two decades of warming, shading and fertilizer addition; Plant Ecol, 213:695–706

Popular science

Sand- Jensen K, Borum J, Ravn A L, Lett S og Hinke A; 2009; Samarbejde i et Kugleunivers; Aktuel Naturvidenskab, 6, 22-25




Year sorteringsordning


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