Sylvain Monteux

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Doctoral student


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Ecology and Environmental Sciences


CIRC, ANS , SE-981 87 Abisko , Sverige

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CIRC, Abisko Naturvetenskapliga Station, Vetenskapens väg 38, Abisko


sylvain.monteux@umu.seEmail 2

sylvain.monteux@emg.umu.seEmail 1


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I'm an ecologist with an environmental technician background and a special interest in soil microorganisms. My research will focus on alterations of carbon cycle in arctic environments under the effects of climate change. More especially I'm interested in monitoring changes of carbon metabolism in microbial and plant communities when the thawing of permafrost increases, as well as the implied consequences on carbon and nitrogen cycling. I've done most of my ecosystems' functioning studies in Montpellier, France, and finished my MSc with a thesis about cave bacteria and carbonates at ETH Zürich, Switzerland before moving to Abisko

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