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Ecology and Environmental Sciences


Umeå universitet , SE-901 87 Umeå , Sverige

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Naturvetarhuset floor 3, IceLab


wojciech.uszko@umu.seEmail 2

wojciech.uszko@emg.umu.seEmail 1


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http://www.emg.umu.se/english/about-the-department/staff/uszko-wojciech Web Page
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My main research interests focus on consumer-resource interactions across gradients of nutrient enrichment and temperature. I use theoretical approaches as well as experimental studies with pelagic crustaceans and algae as model organisms. I am currently working on the effects of producer stoichiometry and food web structure on ecosystem function.

Old publications

Gliwicz, Z. M., Maszczyk, P. and Uszko, W. (2012), Enhanced growth at low population density in Daphnia: the absence of crowding effects or relief from visual predation?. Freshwater Biology, 57: 1166–1179.

Pardo I., Poikane S., Bonne W. (main authors); Uszko W., van de Bund W., Owen R., Kelly M., Pont D., Birk S., Bennett C., Gómez-Rodríguez C., Wolfram G., Ecke F., van den Berg M., Ritterbusch D., Phillips G., Brucet S, Ortiz-Casas J. (secondary authors) (2011). Revision of the consistency in reference criteria application in the phase one of the European Intercalibration Exercise. Publications Office of the European Union. ISBN: 978-92-79-20443-2.

Publications 2015-



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Uszko, Wojciech
Diehl, Sebastian
Englund, Göran; et al.

Effects of warming on predator-prey interactions - a resource-based approach and a theoretical synthesis
Ecology Letters, 20(4): 513-523



Cherif, Mehdi
Faithfull, Carolyn
Guo, Junwen; et al.

An operational framework for the advancement of a molecule-to-biosphere stoichiometry theory
Frontiers in Marine Science, 4



Uszko, Wojciech

Effects of warming and nutrient enrichment on feeding behavior, population stability and persistence of consumers and their resources



Uszko, Wojciech
Diehl, Sebastian
Pitsch, Nadine; et al.

When is a type III functional response stabilizing?: theory and practice of predicting plankton dynamics under enrichment
Ecology, 96(12): 3243-3256



Liess, Antonia
Faithfull, Carolyn
Reichstein, Birte; et al.

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Hydrobiologia, 753(1): 205-218



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Freshwater ecology