PhD Studies

The Department of Ecology and Environmental Science has about 50 PhD students carrying out cutting edge research in study areas such as: ecology, evolution, aquatic ecology, environmental change, physical geography and taxonomy.

Each year approximately ten PhD students defend their theses and a similar number of new Doctoral research projects are advertised. Successful applicants to the Doctoral research program are guaranteed a salary for the 3-4 year duration of their studies and are offered the chance to become involved in both the teaching and research community within the department. In addition to providing office space for every Doctoral student the department offers a variety of PhD courses, offers direction and support for financial applications, and encourages students to attend external courses or carry out work in other laboratories.

Open Doctoral (PhD) research degree positions are listed on the University home page. Follow the information provided in the advert.

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Director of the PhD studies

Professor Christer Nilsson