Application for postgraduate studies

Guiding principles for admission to postgraduate studies at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science. Please observe that a planned principal supervisor is not allowed to advertise a PhD student position until he or she meets the faculty’s requirements for being a principal supervisor. It is imperative that the principal supervisor has undertaken a faculty approved PhD supervisor’s course.

The following information and documents must be included in your completed application:

  1. Application for admission to postgraduate studies (form) signed by the candidate for doctoral studies.
  2. Subscription and funding plan for admission to doctoral education (form)
    a) Doctoral student's CV
    b) Attested general entry requirements
    c) Research plan (up to 10 pages)
    d) Copies of existing ethical authorisation
    e) Attested supervisor education (documentation that the principal supervisor has completed a faculty approved PhD supervisor’s course)
  3. Information on how many PhD students have completed the PhD under the supervision of the principal supervisor.
  4. Information on whether the principal supervisor is 'docent'. See form in item 2. Principal supervisors who do not have 'docent' competence will be mentored by a senior co-supervisor.
  5. The contract between supervisors and the proposed doctoral candidate. Note that this contract must be edited to fit the individual case. Normally, a doctoral student is engaged in 90% research and 10% teaching. If you prefer another solution, consult with the Head of Department. The PhD student and all supervisors are assumed to have read and agreed to the points in the contract and to the project conditions before signing. The contract
  6. Appointment procedure. Describe how the position was advertised, the number of applicants and how the selection of a suitable candidate was made. The report to the director of graduate studies needs to state whether the committee was unanimous. If not, the reason for dissenting opinion should be described. Do not forget to report contacts with the reference persons. Give the names and addresses of the principal supervisor and assistant supervisor(s). Note that at least two supervisors are required as a minimum and the principal supervisor must have completed the mandatory course for PhD supervisors (item 2 above). If the principal supervisor is not a “docent”, an assistant supervisor has to be docent and have a position in the department. This document is signed by the principal supervisor. See the following document for more information.
  7. Qualifications. The student’s entire original application for employment is attached. This should also include transcripts showing that the candidate is eligible for admission as a graduate student.

The complete application is submitted to the director of graduate studies, Ryan Sponseller, for approval. If the application is approved, the director completes it with a cover letter in which supervisors are specified and the examiner suggested. Approved applications are sent to the department head for the final decision.

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