Before the defense - PhD student

It is important that point 1-5 are addressed as soon as possible and the other points should also be completed in good time.

  1. Book your preliminary thesis defence with Teresa Bergner, Faculty of Science and Technology (extension 8047). There can be only 2 defences a day from the same faculty. The end of the semester is very popular so you must check the availability of dates in good time. If you are uncertain of when you will defend your thesis you may preliminarily book two dates. Please note that defences and the nailing of the thesis cannot be done during the summer. If you want to defend your thesis at the start of the autumn semester you must nail the thesis before the end of May. If you plan to defend the thesis early in the autumn semester and don't want to nail before the summer then you must check in good time for the earliest date in the autumn semester when the nailing of the thesis can be done.
  2. Contact Sandra Stenlund to book a lecture hall for the defence. Suitable halls are for example: KB3B1 (large) or KB3A9 (smaller) in KBC.
  3. E-mail “Anhållan om disputation” (ask for permission to defend the thesis) to the registry to ask the Dean to approve a date, time and place for the defence of your thesis. USE THE FORM 'PERMISSION TO DEFEND THE THESIS' WHICH YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IN THE RIGHT COLUMN OF THIS PAGE. State the title of your thesis and the opponent. The Faculty are responsible to get the information published in the calendar on EMGs webb site.
  4. Ask publishers and journals for permission to use your published papers in the thesis.
  5. E-mail the University library to get an ISBN for your thesis.
  6. The department will only pay for the printing of 100 copies of your thesis.  You can print the thesis at the Service Centre in KBC (contact Lars Åberg, 5418). You need to arrange with him in good time. At least 2 weeks is required for printing a thesis. Parts of the thesis can be printed in advance, which is an advantage if you have parts that are finished and parts that require final editing. You can also use Print & Media at the university.
  7. The public nailing of your thesis is made electronically (e-nailing). This means that when you register/publish your thesis in DiVA this counts as the nailing of the thesis. However you need to make an appointment for the delivery of three (3) printed copies of the thesis to the library. Please contact Marita Edlund, phone 9197.

    Information from the University library
  8. Send a copy of your thesis to the opponent and examining committee (at least 3 weeks before the defence. The majority of the opponents require the thesis much earlier, preferably as an electronic copy.
  9. Give one copy of your thesis to Marianne Nilsson at EMG for filing. If you want you can also send the printed thesis to suitable departments on the EMG mailing list (link to the right) and to collegues.
  10. It is the students decision if he or she want to distribute their thesis to other sources such as the University press officer or local news broadcasters.
  11. To calm your nerves a pre-defence discussion with your colleagues can be helpful.
  12. Do an errata list
  13. A description of the dissertation procedure can be downloaded from the right column ('Dissertation procedure').

More information about the defence can be found at the university home page.

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