Before the defense - the supervisor

The supervisor (when necessary in consultation with the examiner)

  1. Informs the concerned administrators and the head of the department about that a defense of the thesis is going to happen.
  2. Is responsible together with the examiner to suggest candidates for opponent, examining committee and chairman at the defense to Sebastian Diehl the head examiner at the department. Note that it is the head examiner that sends the suggestion to the faculty board. The head examiner must be in a position to assess the quality of the dissertation and the PhD student's contribution. He needs the following information at least 3 month ahead of the planned disputation date (download the document "checklista slutexaminator" from the right column.
  3. When the opponent and examining board have been appointed it is the supervisor whom manages the contacts with them.
  4. Informs the opponent about the procedures of the defense and the meeting afterwards (this might be especially important when having a foreign opponent if needed the examiner will assist). Use for this purpose the description of the dissertation procedure which can be downloaded from the right column ('Dissertation procedure'). The minimum fee for the opponent is SEK 10 000:- (2017).
  5. Takes care of the opponent and examining committee during their stay in Umeå.
  6. Is responsible to see to that the PhD-student has fulfilled the duty towards the students union
  7. Write an announcement, signed by the examiner, that there is going to be a thesis defense. Makes sure that the PhD-student sends this announcement a printed copy of the thesis to: a) other departments in the same subject area within the faculty, b) relevant departments at other universities c) The opponent and examining committee. The supervisor is also responsible to see to that all duties towards the University library has been fulfilled and that the PhD-student has given a copy of the thesis to the archives at EMG.
  8. Helps the economics administrators with filling in the forms for traveling expenses for the opponent and examining committee and the remuneration for the opponent. Normally the supervisor brings the opponent to one of the economics administrators to sign all the necessary forms.
  9.  If necessary make reservations at a hotel for opponent and examining committee.
  10.  Make sure that the lecture hall for the defense is in order i.e. check the equipment, arrange for flowers and water. Reserves a meeting room for the meeting after the defense and make lunch arrangements for the opponent, examining committee, PhD-student and supervisor (Note that this is not the administrator´s tasks).

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