Follow-up group

Guidelines for the follow-up group (uppföljningsgrupp) for PhD students

The follow-up meeting should be held at least once per year, during the period October to 15 November in connection with the update and revision of the individual study plans. The graduate students which have booked their thesis defense date are excluded from the revision requirement. The chairman of the follow-up group is responsible for calling and set-up the meeting. It is important to remember that the follow-up group is not an evaluation group but a group where the doctoral student can discuss and get advice on her/his doctoral studies. For example, you can go through what went well and what went less well in the past year and what the next plans for the future looks like. Some of the topics that should be discussed include: 

  1. Why are you a PhD student? What are your plans after your thesis defense? 
  2. Have you followed the study plan (if not, why?)
  3. How many course credits you have taken during the year and whether there have been any problems with this?
  4. Are your supervision satisfactory and are you satisfied with the support you get in general? 
  5. Is there enough money to implement your project? 
  6. How have you planned field and laboratory work, analysis and writing/publishing for the coming years?
  7. Which courses and which conferences are you planning to attend and why? 
  8. Do you see any problems to fulfil your study/research plan for the coming year(s)?
  9. Are you pleased with your life as a PhD student?  

The chairman of the group takes notes and retain these notes. To make it easier to take up any topic, the PhD student have the right to decide which written documentation to be saved. The Chairman reports via e-mail to the principal supervisor and study administrator (Ingrid Forsmark) the date on which the meeting is held. Give the protocol (see document "Protokoll - uppföljningsgrupp" to the study administrator.
The Chairman reports to the supervisor if there are specific issues and/or problems that should be addressed and consideration. If the student has a complaint at the tutorial and have identified the problems that needs to be solved, the Chairman report these to the Chairman of studies for the graduate program (Christer Nilsson) and the Deputy Head of Department (Jon Moen). If the student of concern has Christer Nilsson and/or Jon Moen as supervisor, the Chairman reports to the prefect (Tom Korsman). The notes from the meeting, however, stays with the Chairman.

PhD student must provide the following material for his follow-up group before the meeting:  

  • An updated version of the individual study plan.
    If a follow-up meeting is held in another part of the year, the doctoral student must provide the following material for his follow-up group:
  • The latest version of the individual study plan.
  • A list of courses registered in Ladok after the last individual study plan was written.
  • Achievements and problems that arose after the last individual study plan was written.
  • Any other information that may be of value to the follow-up group.

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