Individual study plan

To be accepted as to postgraduate studies you must have an individual study plan. An individual study plan has the departments study plan as a template and should lay down the general outlines for the postgraduate studies. The individual study plan is drawn up by the applicant for the PhD-student position together with the proposed supervisor.

Forms for individual study plans:

"Subscription and funding plan for admission to doctoral education" – is filled in connection with the admission of the PhD-student (form, see link "Forms)

Form B (evaluation and changing the study plan) this form is filled in November/December each year (two copies of Signature).

Form C (is filled in at the same time as form B). (This information is the base for your contract at the department.

Calculating thesis credits (for form C)

The formula for calculating thesis credits is as follows:

If you are appointed at 100% you get 1.5 credits for each work week. Each semester comprises 20 weeks and gives 30 credits. Subtract the time you have taught. If you have 10% teaching the deduction is 3 credits, for 15% it is 4.5 credits and for 20% 6 credits. Finally, subtract the credits you have got for PhD courses. The remaining credits are your thesis credits.

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