PhD courses

Here we provide a schedule for the PhD courses organized at EMG. More information about the courses are found here - recurrent courses. Generic courses are now organized by the Faculty of Science and Tecnology. Pedagogical courses are given by Centre for teaching and learning (UPL).


4-5 October – Introduction course. Course organizer: Ann-Kristin Bergström

Generic courses is now given by the Faculty of Science and Technology and can be found here.

Parts of the setup courses given by the faculty are mandatory and parts are elective. The mandatory part concerns PhD-students at EMG that have started after 2014-04-24. Doctoral students at the Faculty of Science and Technology will achieve a knowledge of generic courses equivalent to a minimum of 10 ECTS credits for a doctorate degree and at least 8 ECTS credits for a licentiate degree.

Mandatory Courses

Philosophy of Science, 2ECTS
Introduction to research ethics, 2ECTS
Oral presentation, 1ECTS
Written presentation, 3ECTS

Elective Courses

Writing applications, 2ECTS
Entrepreneurship and innovation, 1-2ECTS
Higher Education, 1-2ECTS

To read scientific papers, 1ECTS
Mathematics and Statistics, 1-2ECTS


September/October - Introduction course. Course organizer Ann-Kristin Bergström

Scheduled literature courses


Rosa, M. Permafrost soils. Springer. Course organizer Ellen Dorrepaal. Spring 2017.

Selective readings in population and community ecology. Course organizer Sebastian Diehl. September-November.

Collection of papers in lake biogeochemistry. Course organizer Jan Karlsson. Autumn 2017.

Note that students and supervisors are free to organize courses around any book that is relevant for the PhD-studies.

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