Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC)


The activities conducted within CIRC currently include both research and education. The research is focused on limnology, paleolimnology, quaternary geology and terrestrial ecology, and is intended to contribute to our understanding of the relationship between climate and the subarctic environment. The research activities take place at the Abisko Scientific Research Station, 100 km northwest of Kiruna.

Since 2002, CIRC has offered four university courses in arctic/subarctic ecosystem studies. The courses are given in the spring, summer and autumn. We also offer the possibility to do a degree thesis in biology or physical geography. Our courses are affiliated with the department of ecology and environmental science (EMG) at Umeå University.

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[2015-06-11] Cold spots are turning hot International workshop on “Biosecurity in Mountains and Northern Ecosystems” held at Ekenäs Herrgård, Flen; 1-3 June 2015.         Read more here.

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