Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC)

Research topics

The main focus of our research is to get a better understanding of the structure and functioning of northern ecosystems. Special interest is given to how climate and environmental change will affect terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Our aim is to integrate new knowledge in ecology and biogeochemistry to get a more thorough understanding of both current and past processes in northern ecosystems. CIRC conducts research from small scale process level studies to large catchment and landscape scale studies where the linkage between the terrestrial and aquatic environment is especially emphasized.

Linking terrestrial and aquatic science

Global change and the high latitude region
Document from international work shop in Abisko 2008

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[2015-06-11] Cold spots are turning hot International workshop on “Biosecurity in Mountains and Northern Ecosystems” held at Ekenäs Herrgård, Flen; 1-3 June 2015.         Read more here.

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