Landscape Ecology

We work with ecology in a more large-scale perspective. From having been a river focused group we now share our research time relatively equally between running waters and forest. We want to contribute to a wise use of waters and forests. We therefore study many of the processes that are affected when the landscape is used by humans. These studies help us to understand the effects of human impacts and to provide suggestions on how these effects can be avoided or reduced. Our research can be divided into three major areas:

  1. How the landscape and its vegetation are formed by different processes.
  2. How humans affect these processes through for example river regulation and forestry.
  3. How the landscape should be managed to maintain its values in the long term. Restoration ecology is included here as well.

The landscape ecologists concentrate on restoration ecology

Picture above: Research group meeting at Ulvön, Oct. 12-15 2016. 

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