Dam Removal Effects in Aquatic environMents (DREAM)

Sweden has a large number of more or less deteriorated dams that a dam owner can choose to renovate or remove. Today, more people than before choose dam removal because the recreation of more natural aquatic habitats is achievable and politically desirable. The project studies to what extent dam removal (mostly hydropower dams) recreate structures and functions that are typical for more natural aquatic environments, taking into account both flora and fauna. Hydropower development and hydropower production disturb ecological functions in rivers and dams hinder natural flows of nutrients, sediment and organisms through landscapes. In connection to impounded rivers ecosystems have developed that radically differ from those in free-flowing rivers. The project is funded by Umeå University, the Lamm Foundation, The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and the Swedish WWF.

Picture abowe. Dam removal at Forsby powerstation in Testeboån, Gävle municipality.

Principal researchers

Birgitta Renöfält
Christer Nilsson

Page Editor: Elisabet Carlborg

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