RESTORE: Ecosystem restoration in policy and practice: restore, develop, adapt

The objective of this collaborative cross-disciplinary project is to analyse how ecological and political incentives interact in ecosystem restoration design. We will examine restoration measures in ecosystems and link those to societal actors’ interests and institutional structures. Often, societal actors have human-centered aims for restoration projects based on particular expertise and interests. Little is known about outcomes of these projects and whether biodiversity and ecosystem services are favoured or disfavoured. Nevertheless, substantial funding is allocated towards ecosystem restoration projects based upon articulated aims of either restoring certain ecosystem services to more pristine levels, or developing them. We will evaluate and develop restoration measures in landscapes and explore inherent tensions in, and potential added values of, restoration. We will: (1) analyse the importance of societal actors´ interests, institutional structures, and ecosystem types in shaping and realizing restoration projects, (2) analyse the degree to which differently targeted restoration measures can produce interactive effects and how those are affected by institutional set-up, policies and practices, (3) propose ways to develop ecosystem restoration policies and management in a direction that allows adaptation, given results of the ecological and politico-administrative analysis and expected changes in climate and landuse.

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Principal researcher

Christer Nilsson

Project coordinator

Dolly Jörgensen

Post doc

Lina Polvi

PhD Student

Eliza Hasselquist

Page Editor: Elisabet Carlborg

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