Vindel River LIFE

– Restoration of tributaries of the Vindel river combined with monitoring and evaluation of ecological responses of species and habitats (LIFE08 NAT/S/000266)

Vindel River LIFE is collaborative project between Umeå University, Vindel River Fishery Advisory Board, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The effects of fragmentation and channelization in the Vindel river catchment will be reduced by removing former timber-floating installations along a total river stretch of 44.1 km in 22 of its tributaries. When completed, 73 % of the former installations will be removed. The objective is to achieve a good water status in the river and an increased conservation status for the species in the area. Five species (otter, great diving beetle, Atlantic salmon, bullhead, and freshwater pearl mussel) and habitats for riparian species and water species are targeted.

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Photo: Johanna Gardeström

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