EMG has two different seminar series, each with seminars every week in KB.G5.01 (former KB5C2), 5th floor in KBC:

  • EMG seminar, Wednesdays at 13.00-14.00
  • PhD student seminar, Fridays at 15.00-15.30

EMG seminars are given both by researchers from EMG and external researchers. Details about each seminar can be found in the calendar.

Carolina Olid Garcia is responsible for seminars spring 2018.

PhD student seminars are given by EMG's PhD students as a mandatory part of their doctoral education (read more). All members from the follow-up-group are expected to be present in order to give feed-back and to have a chance to stay up to-date with how research is progressing.

The seminars are announced in the calender and at emg-infolist.

Franziska Frank is responsible for seminars spring 2018.

Video linking

Some of the seminars are video linked via Adobe Connect (see link to the right). If you plan to video link a seminar get in contact with Andreas Sjöström and he will list you as a host.

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