Terrestrial ecology

The research focuses on ecological processes in boreal forests and mountain regions. We try to understand how climate, topography, nitrogen deposition and different land use regimes, such as forestry and reindeer management influence these northern ecosystems. Central questions are how the organisms dispersal ability and species interactions influence ecosystem responses to a changing climate or increased nitrogen interactions. Research concerning how forestry influence biodiversity and ecosystem processes includes studies of mosses and epiphytic lichens, with a special focus on the position in the landscape, forestry regimes and dispersal ability of plants. The research concerning reindeer management includes studies in the mountains and the boreal forests. Effects of grazing on the vegetation and soils, interactions with other land users, such as forestry, and effects of a changing climate for the sustainability of reindeer management are a few central themes in this research.

Research projects

Importance of environmental changes and biodiversity to ecosystem functioningTeatime4scienceIndirect effects of herbivores on arctic plant communities Sustainable management of pendulous lichens in continuity forestsThe capacity of protected areas in the Barents Region to conserve biodiversity threatened by climate change Effects of altered snow conditions on herbivory in an arctic ecosystem Dynamic responses of epiphytic lichen communities to increased nitrogen loadFine Root Dynamics in Northern EcosystemsNCOE Tundra, Nordic Centre of Excellence TundraInfluence of climate change on the invasibility of subarctic plant communitiesAbove- and belowground interactions in tundraEffects of reindeer on plant and soil nutrient stoichiometry in Arctic tundraEffect of herbivory and climate on tundra vegetation Direct and indirect impacts of climate change on carbon sequestration in mountains - experimental manipulations across temperature gradientsWhat is a landscape characterized by grazingForest ecosystem services

Selected publications

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