For our Faculty and Staff

The department is democratically run and consists of a series of councils and working groups overseen by a department head Tom Korsman, assistant head of department Jon Moen and deputy head of department Kerstin Abbing. The councils and working groups cover all administrative, educational and research aspects of the department.

Work place meetings autumn 2018

Fika room, KBC floor 5 at 14.30:
September, 26
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Main responsibilities:

Archive and diary

Marianne Nilsson

Department administrator - remunerations/staff matters

Cecilia Vallin

IT/computer help

Lars-Inge Karlsson
Andreas Sjöström


Jolina Orrell (invoices, account follow-up, account managing, travel bills, remuneration)
Marie Kårebrand (invoices biology, physical geography, geoscience and environmental health, account follow-up, travel bills, research administration Landscape Ecology)

Study administrators

Maria Karlsson (for students, research Ladok)
Marianne Nilsson (for staff)


Kerstin Abbing

Laboratory staff

Mariana Sjöström-Thavelin (undergraduate studies)
Carin Olofsson (research)


Joanna Jonsson

Web administration and information screens

Elisabet Carlborg

Page Editor: Elisabet Carlborg

Print page

Head of the department

Tom Korsman

Tom Korsman

Assistant heads of the department

Jon Moen

Kerstin Abbing

Contact Information

Department of Ecology and Environmental Science
Umeå University
901 87 Umeå, Sweden 

Visiting Address
Linnaeus väg 6 (KBC)

Tel:  +46 (0)90-786 5000 or 786 6322

Invoice address

For Swedish invoices:

Umeå universitet
PG 1099
737 84 Fagersta
(reference code 5100xxx)

Foreign invoices should always be addressed to EMG.

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