EMG has three councils which prepare and discuss matters of importance for the departments short and long term development. They have the overall responsibility for the quality assurance.

The three councils are:

GUR, Undergraduate Programmes Council

Head: Ulla Carlsson-Granér
Members: Marianne Nilsson (secretary), Johan Olofsson, Åsa Berglund, Christian Bigler, Ann-Kristin Bergström, Hans Ivarsson, Bent Christensen, Rolf Zale

Two undergraduate students

FOR, Research Council

Head: Rich Bindler
Board members: Jan Karlsson, Xiao-Ru Wang and Pär Byström

All PhDs (researchers and teachers)

FOUR, Research Programmes Council

Head: Christer Nilsson, director of studies
Members: Ann-Kristin Bergström, Ryan Sponseller, Anna Henriksson, PhD student and Annelie Lagesson, PhD student

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