Overhead 2017

Every department charges overhead to finance the support activities at university-, faculty- and department level. The overhead is triggered by costs with an external counterpart.

The charge for overhead 2017 is:

  • Education: 71,4 %
  • Research: 33,6 %

Please observe that when applying for external funds you must also add the cost for localities, the total overhead then amounts to 43,6 %.

Internal invoices do not generate any overhead because they have internal counterparts. Assets do not generate any overhead either because they are not regarded a cost. An asset is for example a machine with a value exceeding 20 000 kr and an estimated lifespan of minimum three years.

Applying for external funding

The Economy department has developed a detailed template to help those applying for external funding. The department has made a simplified version, you can find them both to the right.

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