Umeå university is a governmental institution and must follow the Swedish Law on procurement (2007:1091). All employees making purchases must know the different kinds of purchase procedures.

Rules for direct purchases

The main rule – Buy from inhouse suppliers or framework agreements

Purchase of goods or services, where university inhouse supplier is missing, should be done from the suppliers with whom the Umeå University has framework agreements. The link to the right will take you to our supplier database.

Exception - Item procurement or direct purchase

Item procurement
When both inhouse supplier and frame agreement are missing for a particular product or service, purchases can only be made once a procurement procedure has taken place according to the Swedish law on procurement or through direct purchase. Item procurement is carried out in consultation with the Purchasing office at the University.

Direct purchase
Direct purchase may take place if the following conditions are met:

-Consultation: the planned purchase should be preceded by consultation with the Purchasing office at the University.

-Direct purchase limits: the total value of goods and services is less than the existing direct purchase limit, as of 2016 amounts to SEK 534 890 excluding value added tax. In the calculation of the value, the value of all purchases by Umeå University during the year of the particular product or service group are added together.

-Documentation: reasons for the choice of supplier and other things of importance in procurement shall be recorded in writing in the manner specified by the Purchasing office. If the total value of goods and services is less than SEK 50 000 excluding value added tax the documentation requirement is somewhat less comprehensive. The requirements of the research financier also need to be considered.

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