Termination of employment

The following checklist of what you as an employee should do when your employment is coming to an end and cover all workers at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science. You should have the checklist about 3 months before the expected termination of employment. This period may in some cases be longer, for example, students with repeated extended -employments, or may be shorter, for example, project employees.

What you should have done before you have finished your job and before you leave the department: More detailed comments below.

  1. Leaving your office or your writing space in shared office. Personal items should be removed from the office. Working materials that should be left on the department provided to someone who takes responsibility for it.

  2. Returned your computer and emptied it on the files to be saved, either for personal use or by the supervisor, mentor, fellow researchers, study director etc. Computer hardware and licensed software belongs to the department or the University.

  3. Planned your remaining vacation days. There should be no days left on your last day of employment.

  4. When employment ends the Umu-id and E-mail account will be valid one additional month. The personal web page will automatically be removed at the end of the employment and access to PASS. For “assigned” personnel the Umu-id and E-mail will disappear immediately. Senior Professors can keep the Umu-id as long as they want but the information has to be updated once a year.

  5. Returned keys.

  6. Cleaned in laboratory - experiments - and cultivation areas and emptied stores. Equipment belonging to the department and research materials to be filed shall be submitted to the next supervisor. Please note that all equipment that has been financed by funds managed by the Department or the University belongs to the authority.

  7. Use the attached form to get signatures as a check that everything has been done. Leave the completed form to the personnel administrator no later than your last day of employment!

Your supervisor or supervisors should allow you to use one to two business days for the above cleaning and finishing, depending on the extent of your previous activities.

Page Editor: Elisabet Carlborg

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