Travel booking

There is only one travel agency for university staff, i e VIA Egencia. No other travel agency should be contacted.

Travel order

Our travel agency, Excellent Travel, will replace the reservation system to aMaDEUS. University employees are registered as a user in the new booking system and we log in with our CAS-username and password. New employees need to create a traveler profile.

Information on this and link to the login can be found in Aurora ( )(“Tjänsteresor or through the shortcut “Boka resor”)

If you have questions or concerns, contact you travel agency on  or 090-158080.

Business travel insurance

An employee or contractor at the University is covered by the government’s business travel insurance for all domestic and foreign official journeys. The entire agreement can be studied at There is also an English website.

Healthcare benefits for official journeys

If you are travelling to a country within the EU or to another treaty company, you should carry a certificate from the Social Insurance Office indicating that you belong to the Swedish Social Insurance Office, to ensure that you will receive medical care in accordance with EU regulations or treaty respectively, i.e. without incurring any cost other than a patient’s fee (if applicable).

If you are travelling to a non EU country / treaty country, you should have a personal insurance certificate (Swedish State Business Travel Insurance Certificate). Insurance certificates of this kind can be obtained from Kammarkollegiet and are issued by the authority in question. The purpose of this certificate is to ensure that the traveller will quickly receive any emergency medical attention through the health centre/hospital being able to determine that there is an insurance that will cover the costs associated with treatment. In certain countries hospitals do not provide adequate care until they can be assured that they will receive payment.

Ask Ingrid Forsmark for a personal insurance certificate.

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