Web publishing on the EMG-web

Here is a brief instruction on how to revise or add new material to the EMG-web.

For all

Umeå university uses the InfoGlue web publishing system and all staff at EMG are "web writers" in InfoGlue. That means that they can edit text and images on their existing websites. Only "web producers" can make changes in the structure and create new pages. Contact Elisabet Carlborg if you need help.

Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser when working with InfoGlue.

Log in

Log in using your CAS username and password via the links "Länkar" and "Logga in i InfoGlue".

Make the settings - only the first time

The first thing to do is to make the settings for how you want Infoglue to look like, ie language setting, which site ("Repository") you will work within (which is "I_Ekologi_milj_geo") and which tool ("Structure tool") to be opened after login.

Enter/edit text in the middle column (also the "personal" pages)

Text and images in the middle column is saved in an "article". When following the link "Redigera artikel" below each article you end up in edit mode. There you have access to a number of editing features and can, for example, paste and format text, create links and upload images.


There are a number of different link types. Click on the globe symbol in the edit field to insert a link.
External link (outside emg): Paste the URL into the URL field.
Internal link: Click "Choose from InfoGlue", navigate to and mark the page you want. Choose link style: "Relaterad länk" means that there will be an arrow in front of your link. Be sure you choose the right language.

Linked pages are displayed in the same window.

Uploading images

To insert an image (yellow image symbol in the edit field) - "Upload" - "Bläddra" - choose image from your hard disc - "Send to InfoGlue" - Choose "Image style".
Image style: fullbredd=full width, halvbredd=half width, liten bild=small image, höger=right, vänster=left

There is no function for caption or photographers name, so that has to be written somewhere in the text.

Please note that all photos should be 562 pixels wide to look good in all selectable formats and images on the same page should be as a maximum 100 kb together.


When you've finished - remember to publish your content. Select "Publish this page" from the menu above, then click "check all" and "publish".


Information about seminars, thesis degree presentations etc can be registered and saved in the EMG calender by every employee. You have to make two posts for every event, one in Swedish and one in English and for technical reasons you have to start with the Swedish post. When you are finished you send the posts for publication. An e-mail is then sent to Elisabet Carlborg who can check your post and publish it.

The formula is in Swedish and there is a manual to read here. If you don't understand swedish send your information to Elisabet.

For Researchers

Updating the information in the right column on a personal, research area or research project page can be done in either of two ways. If there is an "edit"-sign below the text it works as described for the middle column. If there is no "edit"-sign, please send your updates to Elisabet Carlborg.


DiVA is our database for scientific publications and all publications published at UMU should be found in DiVA. The university library is, once a week, importing all new references with an Umeå university affiliation directly from Web of Science to DiVA. After the import the UB staff complete each reference post with cas-id, department name and some other things and after that the publication appear on your and EMG:s webpage.

Other new references (not web of science-listed papers, books, book chapters etc.) and references older than Nov 2011 must be reported to Elisabet Carlborg.

Search DiVA http://umu.diva-portal.org/smash/search.jsf?rvn=1

DiVA is from 2011 also open for publications from other universities. Please contact Elisabet if you want to add these publications to DiVA.

PhD thesis and the articles in it are processed by UB.

Page Editor: Elisabet Carlborg

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